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Technological Evolution in the North American Shale Plays
Though the specific example referenced below is somewhat dated, it does make the point that the technology used for shale gas, and light, tight oil plays is rapidly evolving, with more wells drilled per year per rig, perhaps being the most apparent.  However, we believe even more significant improvements are in the offing as companies continue to move towards more stages per lateral (100 stages/well is now starting to emerge), and, most significantly of all, better understanding of the geologic conditions that led  to "super" wells such as are emerging in some of the gas plays.  These wells are reported to be flowing 45-60 MMCFD, at 6000 - 8000 psi of FCP, making them 10-15 times more prolific than the average Barnett shale wells that started off the shale revolution in 2006 and 2007.