Australian LNG
Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG)
December 2014:  First LNG Cargo Loading

The Queensland Curtis LNG facility (QCLNG) is the first east coast Australian LNG facility to ship gas.  It is also the first LNG plant to be supplied gas from coal bed methane (CBM) fields, or as the Aussie's prefer to call it, coal seam gas (CSG).  The gas is being sourced from CSG wells in the Bowen, and Surat Basins, though at some point in the not too distant future, the tight gas sands and shale gas wells of the Cooper Basin, may also provide gas for export. Note: CBM and CSG are exactly the same.

QCLNG is being developed and operated by British Gas (BG), and will initially have two trains with a name plate liquefaction capacity of about 8.5 MMTPA, though BG is forecasting peak production, starting in 2016 of about 8.0 MMTPA, which is around 1 BCFD of gas.

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