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Utica Dry Gas "Super" Play
Consol Energy: Green House 9 or GH9

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 Southern Dry Utica "Super" Shale:  Location Map for the Green Hill 9 (GH9)

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It is located about about 4 miles from the Equitable Sports Run well, which tested 72.9 MMCFD from a 3221' lateral.  This works out to about 22.6 mmcfd per 1000' of lateral.

As noted by Consol Energy on the drilling status summary slide for the GH 9 (to the left), the well plan is for a 6800' lateral.

Given its relatively close proximity to the Sports Run well, it is possible that the GH 9 might approach the same level of productivity per 1000' of lateral.  If so, that works out to about 140-150 mmcfd.  Of course, lesser formation quality, test equipment limitations, completion design problems, etc.  may prevent such test flow levels from being attained, but just discussing the possibility of such rates is significant, for it communicates a clear changing in the expectations regarding shale well productivity.
Consol started testing this well January 12, 2016. According to information from Consol, the flare stack for the project is approximately 175 feet in height with the flare itself expected to extend another nearly 200 feet. Flaring is expected to last approximately three days.

On January 29th, Consol reported a 24-hr test rate for the Green Hill 9 (GH 9) in Greene County of 61.9 MMCFD at an average casing flowing pressure (CFP) of 8312 psi.

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