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Overview of Western Canadian LNG Industry

The LNG industry of western Canada consists of three parts:  1)  Sources of natural gas supply; 2)  Ability to move the gas to the liquefaction plants; and 3) The plants on the British Columbian coast.  This map shows these three elements in relation to each other.

Primary Sources of Supply
Montney Shale
Horn River
Cordova Emabayment
Duvernay gas condensate area

Potential Gas Transmission Lines
West Coast Connector
Prince Rupert pipeline
Pacific Trail
Coast Gas Link
PNG Loop
Eagle Mountain

Announced Liquefaction (LNG) Plants
Stewart Energy LNG
Kisault LNG
Grassy Point LNG
Aurora LNG
Prince Rupert LNG
Pacific Northwest LNG
Kitimat LNG
LNG Canada
BC LNG Export (Douglas Island LNG)
Triton LNG
Haisla LNG
Discovery LNG (Campbell River LNG)
Woodfibre LNG
WesPac LNG
Orca LNG
Steelhead LNG
Oregon LNG (Though in the US, it will be supplied primarily with natural gas sourced from Canada.)

Western Canadian LNG Industry Overview as of late 2014
For current project status, please contact us at insight@energy-cg.com

For Higher Resolution, Click Image
Proposed Canadian and Northern USA LNG Export Projects as of late 2014
For current project status, please contact us at insight@energy-cg.com

For Higher Resolution, Click Image