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The Energy Consulting Group
Shale Play Fact Base and Best Practices
nFormation characteristics of all major North American shale gas plays
nDeveloped exploration correlation used by E&P firms to  quickly identify high potential  shale formations
nRock/reservoir properties  vs rate and recovery performance
nInitial rate data; initial rate estimation based on ECG shale gas reservoir model
nProduction  data by well; decline curve matching and forecasting using ECG developed , ARPS based tools
nLocation  by well
nVintage (spud date)
nDepth (measured depth and true vertical depth)
nBest Practices Databases
nDatabase of the current best practice drilling  practices for major shale plays
nCosts, AFE’s
nDatabase of the current best practice completion designs for major shale plays
nPerforating, frac rates, treatment pressures, sand concentrations
nCosts, AFE’s
nHistorical efforts – avoid reinventing the wheel
nPlay economics (AFIT and BFIT)
nWellhead pricing
nHenry Hub basis
nComparison to other play types

(tight gas, CBM, offshore, etc.)