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Exploration and Production (E&P) Technology in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

The March into the Deep
Deepwater Technology
nTwenty years ago the water depth limit for the E&P industry was about 1000 ft.  Now companies produce several million barrels a day from greater depths and regularly drill exploratory wells in 10,000’ of water.
n  There is no other industry, with the possible exception of space exploration, that is addressing the range and complexity of challenges associated with deepwater exploratoin and development, making it the most technologically sophisticated of industries.
nThe revolution continues with the industry focused on:
nMoving as much activity as possible from surface facilities to the seafloor
nMultiphase pumping
nOil-gas-water separation
nDrilling ultradeep wells in layers previously unviewable by seismic
nSubsalt in Gulf of Mexico and Brazil