William Severns is an exploration and production (E&P) industry strategy expert, especially in oil and gas supply fundamentals, new product development and adoption, and how information technology is transforming the E&P industry. His detailed knowledge of oil and gas operations, combined with strategy development experience, and work with high-tech start-ups makes Bill well qualified to help companies develop their upstream oil and gas strategies.
Prior to founding the Energy Consulting Group, Bill was one of eight senior research directors at Cambridge Energy Research Associate (CERA) and was responsibile for E&P strategy with a special emphasis on information technology. A specific example of his thought leadership was his conceptualization of CERA's Digital Oil Field of the Future (DOFF) initiative. This research illustrated the value and practicality of the Intelligent field concept. Shell's EVP for international, Matthias Bichsel, recently referenced this initiative as the seminal effort for validating the concept, which now appears poised to transform the way the industry works and offers tremendous opportunities for both producers and suppliers with the right vision. Bill's insights on the Digital Oil Field have been quoted and referenced by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Associated Press and Offshore Engineer.
Bill has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of MO-Rolla, attended the Petroleum Engineering Advanced Degree Program at the Colorado School of Mines and has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
Professional Biography

Bain & Co - General strategy consultancy

Silicon Spice - MIT based microprocessor start-up

Engineering Manager for North Sea Operations
ARCO International - Integrated oil and gas production company






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