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Development and Application of New Technology

Bill and the other ECG principals have a long history of developing and applying new technology.

In the oil and gas industry, Bill often led new technology initiatives within ARCO. He proposed CO2 flooding at the firm's Horseshoe Gallup field. He not only initiated ARCO's hugely successful San Juan Basin Fruitland coal bed methane effort, but designed the pilot, and successfully led the first two years of commercialization efforts.

In 1995-1996, Bill participated in the preparation of the early business plan for what was to become Silicon Spice.  That plan was submitted to MIT's 20K (at that time) business plan competition.  After the competition, Bill's involvement ended, but the technology team moved forward, and after much effort and plan modification, and multiple rounds of financing, eventually sold the firm to Broadcom for $1.2 billion.

More recently, Bill led efforts to commercialize small compressor and new drilling mud technologies in the oil and gas industry, and was the single most responsible individual for CERA's DOFF initiative, which has been described as seminal by senior industry executives, such as Shell International EVP, Matthias Bichsel.

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