William Severns
ARCO Oil and Gas Co. and ARCO International
Exploration and Production Professional Experience During his E&P career, Bill worked as an engineer and engineering manager for ARCO in the western US, Indonesia, and the North Sea.
Engineering manager for ARCO's North Sea operations During Bill's time as engineering manager for ARCO British Ltd, ABL initiated its first FPSO operation, finished testing and initiated development of the several hundrend million dollar Trent and Tyne fields, and continued with pioneering work demanning offshore oil and gas installations. Bill was also responsible for managing ARCO's substantial UK R&D portfolio.
Chief Engineer for largest Indonesian offshore gas field Bill oversaw engineering as the Chief Engineer for the Pagerungan gas field. At the time, it was the largest offshore installation of its type in Indonesia. Bill's team was responsible for all subsurface engineering and for reviewing and approving the facility design and drilling plans. Other significant tasks included supporting delicate and prolonged gas contract negotiations, providing exploration support for the rest of the contract area, and assisting in the evaluation of several offshore oil and gas discoveries. His team also provided engineering analysis and well test evaluation for the wildcat well for ARCO's giant Tangguh discovery in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
Oversaw initial coal bed methane development In the US, he was responsible for supporting exploration activities and optimizing output from numerous oil and gas fields in the Rocky Mountain region, running from Montana to New Mexico. As a senior engineer in the early to mid-1980's, he recognized the potential for coal bed methane production from ARCO's large San Juan Basin properties. At the time no commercial CBM had been established in the Basin by ARCO, but by overseeing a successful CBM pilot and experimenting with the early multi-well developments, Bill was able to illustrate the commercial viability of the play. ARCO's acreage, using the development plan designed by Bill, is now the core of BP's Fruitland coal bed methane asset, which is the largest of its type in the world.

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