William Severns
Senior Consultant for Bain & Co.
While at Bain, Bill worked with senior executive teams for a number of Fortune 500 firms; activities included acquisition identification and valuation, merger integration, and new strategy/business development. Specific projects included
  • Given his deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry, he was considerd an in-house oil and gas expert, and was brought in to advise on upstream oil and gas related projects.
  • Worked with a private equity firm to develop a turn-around strategy for a low margin, roll-up play
  • Worked with a private equity firm to craft an organization (reporting structure, skills, staffing levels, etc.) for a post-merged entity
  • Determining the market dynamics for a product in the building materials space, elements included market sizing, segmentation, competitive review (emerging and established), the business benefits and attributes of creating a "fighting brand", R&D strategy, and best location for factories (US or Mexico?)
  • Recommending changes to new product development/introduction processes for a large telecommunications firm
  • Characterizing and assessing post-deregulation options for a large Northeast Utility