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Exploration and Production (E&P) Technology in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

No Place to Hide
Seismic Technology - A Foundational Component of the Intelligent Oil Field
nSeismic technology is the use of acoustic energy to see what lies beneath the surface of the earth, and is the primary tool the industry uses to look many thousands of feet into the earth to identify the wrinkles and folds that may contain oil and gas
nProbably no other technology in the oil and gas industry has benefitted more from the microprocessor revolution
nThe resulting improvements in sensor technology, data storage capabilities and data processing speed have transformed the industry
nRecent and emerging applications

nSubsalt imaging-new data collection and processing methodologies have allowed the industry to look below layers, such as salts, that had previously absorbed so much seismic energy that the layers below were effectively in a type of acoustic shadow

nProduction imaging tool-In many fields, the improved resolution allows the industry to monitor fields as they are produced providing for enhanced reservoir management, resulting in higher rates and recoveries